Eva Hesse (1936-1970): Returning to the Source?

Featuring Eva’s sister Helen Charash and Ori Z. Soltes, PhD

October 13, 2021



Rudi Lesser (1902–1988): The Forgotten and Rediscovered Artist

Featuring Lillie Johnson Edwards, PhD and Ori Z. Soltes, PhD

October 20, 2021

Remembering Friedel: An Intimate View of Friedel Dzubas (1915-1994)

with Sandi Slone and Karen Wilkin

October 27, 2021

From Sea to Shining Sea: Anni Albers in America (1899–1994)

Featuring Laura Muir and Ori Z. Soltes, PhD

November 3, 2021



The Cartoon Crusader Comes to America: Arthur Szyk’s Battle against the Nazis in the New World

Featuring Steven Luckert and Irvin Ungar

November 10, 2021

Lily Renée (1921 –currently living in NYC): From Refugee to Renown

Featuring Trina Robbins, Adrienne Gruben and David Armstrong

November 17, 2021



Conference: Identity and the Arts

Featuring Libby Copeland, Ori Z Soltes Deborah Tannen and Oksana Yakushko

December 1, 2021

Fritz Ascher (1893-1970): Coming back to Life

Featuring Karen Wilkin and Elizabeth Berkowitz, PhD

December 8, 2021




Conference: Artists Migrating to the United States, In and Beyond the Nazi Period

Featuring Rebecca Erbelding, PhD, Katya Grokhovsky, and Ori Z Soltes, PhD

December 15, 2021



The Pencil and the Sword. How Lily Renée (1921 –currently living in NYC) Put her Art to Work Against the Nazis

Featuring Sabine Apostolo and Michael Freund Jewish Museum Vienna, Austria

January 5, 2022

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